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Rampfee.me makes the calls to FBOs for you. Fly more. Call less.
Protect your wallet from surprise fees and costs.

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Calling more and more FBOs each day.

Our staff have been working hard to call, log, and sometimes browbeat the FBOs to get their fees. Here is our current progress for Q4 2018.
Percentage of Calls Completed:
Aircraft typeCallsFBOsCompleted
Light Piston Single (<3000 lbs MGW) 23172262100%
Heavy Piston Single (3000+ lbs MGW)2163226295.62%
Light Piston Twin (<5000 lbs MGW)2085226292.18%
Heavy Piston Twin (5000+ lbs MGW)2035226289.96%
Turbine Single2022226289.39%
Turbine Twin1095226248.41%
Light Jet322620.13%
Medium Jet222620.09%

A nonprofit solution to a pernicious FBO problem

Join us. Your time, treasure, or sponsorship ALL help us do this for a bit longer and keep these fees in check.

Trained Callers

We are fielding a staff of callers, all trained to ask the hard questions and not accept waffling or sneakiness.

Full Coverage

Our system spreads calls out evenly, across different plane types, and ensures a call four times per year

Tons of Calls!

Just one year of coverage requires 18,096 phone calls per quarter, or 72,384 per year!

As long as we can

Every dollar over and above our skinny operating costs goes to keeping us around another year.

Broad coverage

Two singles, two twins, two turbines, and two jets. Whatever you fly, you'll be smarter with us.

Savings assured!

Whatever your plane type, we are certain to save you from being trapped by surprise fees on every flight mission

Use us for free

Data wants to be free. We invest $250 per day into these calls, because there is a real need for this data. Tips appreciated!

Help us help you!

Report your fees when you visit airports. It only takes a minute, and can save pilots thousands!

PIREPs are requested!

Like what we're doing? Hate what we're doing? Overlawyered FBO with a novel theory on trade secrets that your CSRs give out when we call them?
Got an idea on what to do with this data? Want to buy a datafeed to use in your product? Send us a note using this anono-gram, or just email us.

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Let us help highlight that you're one of the good guys at your airport!

In a nutshell:

We need someone who can contact advertising partners on our behalf, and secure funding so we can keep this project going.
We can also use someone who is willing to find strategic uses for our database.
Finally, If you have ideas on how the website can be made better, we'd love it.
We have a list of strong ideas, prior art, historical rates, and product ideas and leads to let you run with. This would be a purely remote, work when you want, free agent type of situation. You need a phone and email. Aviation knowledge and FBO/Ramp Fees knowledge are required -- but you're here already, so we presume that.
Compensation is negotiable, with willingness to share equity, pure commission, or base pay rate in any reasonable mix. We have a long list of workers who can vouch that we're not a shady outfit, and we do what we say we will and pay promptly and accurately.

For a further discussion, please contact Mike Brannigan at: mike@rampfee.me.

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